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              Services provided by Evolve

              We aim to provide care to suit your individual requirements; the care you need will be customised to suit your lifestyle; it can be as little or as much as you wish; the quality will not alter; it can be long term or short term, it really is up to you.

              We can provide personal care starting from getting up in a morning and preparing for the day such as helping with bathing, dressing/undressing and all other assistance needed for preparing for the day or retiring for the night.
              washing, bathing, dressing, undressing service
              We can help to prepare and serve meals so that fresh, wholesome hot food is available when you want it.
              meals prepared and delivered for elderly
              Evolve can help with convalescence where care may be needed following an illness, or a stay in hospital.
              in house convalescent care in Bury area
              Evolve carers can accompany you on outings so that you have the freedom to come and go as you please, to visit friends or go shopping for example.
              accompanied outings and shopping in Bury
              Evolve can provide night sleep carers who will settle the client for the night, then sleep on the premises in case of need and to reassure the client that help is on hand. In the morning, the client will be assisted in dressing and washing, and breakfast can be prepared.
              night sleep carers Ramsbottom
              If someone needs attention throughout the night then a wake and watch service may be more suitable, where the carer remains awake to attend to their requirements.
              wake and watch service in Bury
              Perhaps you care for someone and need a little respite yourself. Evolve can provide a carer for any period you require.
              respite care for elderly relatives Brandlesholme
              Where continual care is needed for someone who cannot or may not wish to be alone and need the company of another person in the house, a live in service may be the answer.
              live in carers Bury
              Please note that Evolve accommodates requests from Direct Payment schemes.


              • Respite Care for Families and Carers
              • Personal Domestic Assistance
              • Personal Care to the Elderly
              • Shopping
              • Hospital and Doctor Visits
              • Home from Hospital: Care and Recuperation
              • Medication Assistance
              • Organising Supervised Attendance of Family Events
              • Care for Adults with Physical or Learning Disabilities

                Please view our Service User Guide medication assitance
              Evolve is a trading name of Easycare Ltd. Registered Office:4 Frecheville Court, Glenmore Street, Bury. BL9 0UF

              Telephone:  0161 761 0035    Email: info@evolve-services.org.uk

              Evolve provides care and support for people who cannot wholly look after themselves, in their own homes, at times convenient to them, and in ways they find most agreeable for their own wellbeing.