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              Mission Statement

              Through our commitment to Company Policies and Procedures, we will provide a Service of quality and dedication that responds promotes and reflects each individual’s needs their physical and emotional wellbeing.

              Our Aims and Objectives

              care and support for older people in Radcliffe and Tottington
              Evolve aims to provide care and support for people who cannot wholly look after themselves, in their own homes, at times convenient to them, and in ways they find most agreeable for their own wellbeing. We have sound principles for the way we run our service. Our belief that the rights of Service Users to maintain their privacy, dignity and confidentiality, whilst being enabled to live independently, is a principle which we try very hard to successfully achieve. Service Users need to be confident in Evolve as a responsible and “caring” care Company, with a professionally skilled and courteous Management Team, and a staff of Support Workers whose capabilities are recognised and developed, their dedication rewarded and whose attitudes to their role mirror the commitment of the Company to provide a good service.

              • To focus on Service Users. We aim to provide personal care and support in ways which have positive outcomes for Service Users and promote their active participation. We aim to enable people to choose how they live their lives by providing individual tailored services that promote individuality, independence, wellbeing and quality of life.
              • To work for the comprehensive wellbeing of our Service Users. We aim to provide for each Service User, a package of care which contributes to their overall personal and healthcare needs and preferences. We will co-operate with other services and professionals to help maximise each Service User's involvement and independence, ensure as fully as possible their maximum participation in their community.
              • To meet assessed needs. Before we provide services we will ensure that a potential Service User's needs and preferences are thoroughly assessed. We aim to ensure that the care we provide responds and reflects the diversity of the changing needs of each Service User. We will be committed to the realisation that these needs require monitoring, reassessing and adapting as frequently as necessary, and respond accordingly.
              • To provide quality services. We are whole-heartedly committed to providing top quality services, ensuring our workforce is highly trained and to continuously improving the level of the care we offer.
              • To ensure that we are fit for our purpose. We examine our operations constantly to ensure that we are successfully achieving our stated aims and purposes. We welcome all feedback from our Service Users, their friends and relatives and our legislative bodies.
              • To employ a quality workforce. We will achieve our objectives by continually advancing the knowledge and skills of our workforce to encourage confidence in the performance of their duties. We will listen to their requirements for satisfaction, fulfilment and incentive which will enable them to provide a quality of care that meets the requirements of our Service User’s.

              Our Vision

              The word “Together” has become a Company Motto, and the Management firmly believes and reinforces this theme throughout Regular Staff meetings and our open door Policy. We are a TEAM, and will, with our commitment to develop staff skills, confidence and determination in our aims, become recognised as a leading Provider and Employer of QUALITY care throughout the North West of England.
              Evolve is a trading name of Easycare Ltd. Registered Office:4 Frecheville Court, Glenmore Street, Bury. BL9 0UF

              Telephone:  0161 761 0035    Email: info@evolve-services.org.uk

              Evolve provides care and support for people who cannot wholly look after themselves, in their own homes, at times convenient to them, and in ways they find most agreeable for their own wellbeing.