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              Contact Details

              Bury Business Centre
              Unit 42, Kay Street
              BL9 6BU

              Telephone: 0161 761 0035
              Email: info@evolve-services.org.uk

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              Evolve Contact Details

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              Our office premises and our working environment consists of a ground floor reception area with offices on the first floor and training and meeting rooms on the second floor. Our reception area is welcoming. Should you ever wish to visit us, please feel free to contact us to arrange a convenient appointment for you do so.

              Evolve is a trading name of Easycare Ltd. Registered Office:4 Frecheville Court, Glenmore Street, Bury. BL9 0UF

              Telephone:  0161 761 0035    Email: info@evolve-services.org.uk

              Evolve provides care and support for people who cannot wholly look after themselves, in their own homes, at times convenient to them, and in ways they find most agreeable for their own wellbeing.